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Overcoming My Procrastination and My Critic

I said I was going to work on my writing procrastination. I have studied a lot about procrastination because I love psychology and analyzing people and behaviors. This is one of the reasons I find myself stuck often times, because I love to read and analyze so much that I can easily get lost in the flow of reading and thinking for hours and never write a single word on my blog.

I write academic papers for my doctoral classes in Clinical Psychology, but that’s a whole other kind of writing. Here, I am talking about creative writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas on a blog. Sometimes as a life and business coach, one can get to thinking that she needs to be perfect and if she’s not, then how can she be a good coach? That’s my inner critic speaking, and I often have to tell her to shut up.

My inner perfectionist and critic analyzes whom the audience might be for this blog and worries that I am not presenting myself in the appropriate way online. I’m a coach, so everything I write must be giving some expert coaching, right? My inner perfectionist likes to edit every blog post so much that I end up not finishing or posting it.

Not today. A few days ago I decided and declared that I will stop my inner perfectionist critic, and I will blog more regularly without trying to give any advice to anyone. No editing. Just writing and expressing what I have to offer.

It feels good to follow through and do something that you have been procrastinating on doing, doesn’t it?

It is how we respond to our critics, including our internal critic, that determines our character and our results in life.

Thanks for reading and thinking with me.

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