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2018 Off and Running!

Hello Friends!

It is raining in Southern California today, and it is beautiful! I hope you are off to a fresh and happy start to a new year. I am writing this quick note to let you know that Realization Partners is here and ready to support you in reaching your goals this year.

This is what we can help you do in a short time with our coaching:

  1. Advance to your next step up professionally and financially within one year.
  2. Increase your confidence in communication and relationships, personally and professionally.
  3. Manage stress and maintain productivity and positive growth.
  4. Overcome a personal challenge and realize a growth goal that you have not done on your own.
  5. Hire and keep talented, motivated, high-achievers who help you reach your goals.

I am personally available for individual, private coaching by phone and video calls or in-person meetings.

In addition to personal and professional coaching, I help companies find, interview, hire, and keep talented, high-performing people. I have a large professional network of current and past clients, and a consortium of business and personal consultants. Contact me if you are seeking to hire top talent, or if you are in the job market. I can help you.

Let’s talk soon.

-Julie DeVito, [email protected], 949-275-8957


Get moving forward today and get the support and practical help you need. We are here to help you be more successful.





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