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The Daily Grind, Career Counseling and Life Coaching

Career Counseling and Life Coaching

The best career counseling and life coaching advice I ever received came to me early in my career when I met with a mentor in a coffee shop once a week. She taught me about human nature and how to keep changing the playing field so I never get bored or discouraged by my daily grind. At times our work and lives can feel like a grind, facing the same issues and problems repeatedly.

We have days when we are on our game and the next day we fall flat. We love our jobs and our businesses, and yet, we often despise the daily grind. If you can relate to this, you are human and not alone.

I work with many high achievers, people who accomplish great quality and depth of work in their fields. Yet even my highly accomplished and driven clients whom you would consider successful, are still pulled down at times by the daily grind. You may know this feeling and call it something different.

What I am describing is a reaction to normal, human endeavors, no matter what level of work, class or country. We all psychologically respond to our world of circumstances, people, requirements, and responsibilities on a daily basis, and the daily repetitive nature of life is “the daily grind.” You may be repeating the same tasks and solving the same problems with people over and over again. You may be managing a multi-dollar billion dollar enterprise and the people headaches that come with that job. The daily grind affects us all mentally, psychologically, and emotionally.

One of my clients describes the daily grind as that pressure you feel and the unspoken burden of what you have to get done each day. Sometimes the normal responsibilities feel heavy and not fun at all.

Do you ever feel like you are successful but not having fun at your work?

Does your work feel more like a pressure than a passion?

Do you feel drained mentally or emotionally by your work on a daily basis?

Your Growth Goals 

The good news is that you CAN change the way you feel about the daily grind. If you answered yes to those questions, you are due for making some changes in your life. It is up to you to do some things differently. Psychology has taught us valuable information about how our brains operate, and how we develop certain modes of operation and automatic thinking, and how to change those patterns. Scientists have discovered ways of creating new neural pathways in our brains which is equivalent to creating new patterns of thinking and emotional response.

Coaching Plan of Action

To apply the science, write a plan of action that requires you to change your usual, daily actions. Modify some aspect of your daily behaviors. Analyze your routines and your automatic ways of responding to what you have to do each day, including the people with whom you are meeting and dealing. Consider small changes that can go a long way.

Think about significant changes you can make in your standard operating procedures. What creative, new ways of communicating with people and getting work done smarter can you implement? We get used to following certain pathways, and this is what creates the feeling of grind.

To decrease the pressure and increase your passion for your work, you must jump out of your current cycle of activities and make a change in any area. Start with one daily action that you will commit to doing differently. Actions affect feelings. Act in a different way than your normal.

Brainstorm. Think innovation. Think creativity. Change things up for yourself or your team. Have your meeting in a different location. Take calls from the park one day. Say no to more and outsource the tasks that you are not well-suited to be doing yourself. How can you bring more of what you consider “fun” into your work world? How can you integrate your passions with your productivity?

Time put toward strategic thinking and changing your routines will pay dividends to you in productivity and passion for your work again. If you decide that a change in work or a new job is what you need, then get to it. Start by making a plan of action and take one small step toward that big change.

Get moving forward today and get the support and practical help you need. We are here to help you be more successful.





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