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This is your problem.

Have you been blaming someone or something for outcomes that you dislike? This is your coach here with a kick-in-the-butt reminder to get out of your own way and look at whatever problem you are dealing with as YOUR PROBLEM.

There are a multitude of reasons you could offer up for why you’re not happy or why you didn’t achieve what you wanted. After you get finished with all the excuses, you are left with YOURSELF. You are the one responsible for how you deal with the circumstances and people around you. We all have stress, challenges, difficult people, and unexpected change. This is life. Stop complaining and do something different from what you are doing right now.

If you recently experienced wrongdoing or injustice, this still applies to you. Stop complaining and do something differently. You choose your behaviors and your responses based on your character, not based on what the other person does. If you are facing hostility or opposition, how can you respond differently? Look at what you are putting out there into the world, into each interaction you have with a coworker, an employee, or with “that person.” Your outcomes with people will improve when you take ownership and see the issues as YOUR PROBLEM. This does not mean you blame yourself or put yourself down. It means you take ownership for your own behaviors and how you contribute to a problem. It means you communicate with people more and keep working toward improvement.

We all tend toward selfishness, pride, greed and lack of self-control at one time or another, and you know this plays into your personal life and your business life. Where do you need to shine some attention right now in your own life?

What are you tolerating that needs to change?

What behaviors of your own are not serving you well but you continue to do them?

In what ways are you blaming others or making excuses for yourself without being aware of it on a daily basis?

How can you be a problem solver for yourself and others around you? Start by seeing it as your problem.

-Julie DeVito

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