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How are your stress management skills affecting you?

Interested in how your stress management skills or practices are affecting you performing at your best and realizing your highest goals and dreams? Most people reading this know that stress is related to many health problems and diseases. Stress is widespread in our society and in our workplace in America. This is no secret and it is not going away. Stress is affecting your income, your health, and your happiness, even if you don’t realize it yet.

Data and reality indicate that stress affects us physically and mentally, taking huge tolls on psychological and emotional health, sometimes long before we realize what is happening. Sometimes we do not respond to reduce stress in our lives until we start to see physical symptoms popping up. Sometimes we do not see how much time or money we are losing until it begins to hurt and do serious damage.

Only you can take action to decrease your own stress levels. Begin by making it a priority in your mind that this is critical to your success. If you do not believe that your mind-body is connected and that your mental health is critical to your success in your business, job or personal relationships, then you will not make self-care or stress management a priority. You probably will not continue to realize greater potentials and goals for yourself either.

I encourage you to do a self-assessment, and look at the evidence in your life of how stress may have crept up on you in negative ways that you have come to accept as normal, but could actually be harming you and holding you back. One first place to look is in your relationship success at work and home. Relating with people can be stressful.

One of the easiest first steps in stress-reduction and improved brain functioning is deep breathing, also known as abdominal breathing. Abdominal breathing gives your brain extra oxygen, and this is a critical part of brain chemistry knowledge that most people neglect. When you feel any sign of stress in your body or mind, remind yourself to take very deep breaths–deep enough for your abdomen to move in and out. When you sleep this happens naturally. Practice and train yourself to do this all the time.

Here are my top five choices for stress-relieving behaviors that you can learn and begin to use right away:

  1. Abdominal breathing–catch yourself throughout the day and train yourself to breath deeply all day long.
  2. Get an extra one to two hours of sleep at night. (Search the web and educate yourself about the power of sleep).
  3. Exercise daily. One hour or ten minutes–start somewhere and do it every day or whenever you feel stressed.
  4. Pay attention to the junk (I mean food) you put in your body. If you don’t know about good, healthy nutrition, google it or call me for a crash course on what to eat and drink for maximum health and stress relief.
  5. Eliminate unhealthy inputs into your body, mind, and spirit–this could a person, place, or thing that you need to remove from your life because he/she/it is not healthy or supportive for you at this time.

I hope you find this useful and helpful.

To Your Happiness, Health and Personal Goal Realization,

Julie DeVito

Communicate with me anytime here: [email protected]

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