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Success in Your Career Today

We have created a technological world that is driving 24 by 7 operations globally and an always-on mentality that leaves people feeling overwhelmed by the pace of life and work.  As we advance our uses of technology and artificial intelligence, humans are increasingly disconnected from one another in a personal or meaningful way.  A key skill to develop for your success in the technological world in which we live, is your skill in communicating and building trust with people. 

Because we rely on digital devices to connect us, and we conduct most of our personal and business lives via technological transactions, the skill and art of personal communication is being lost.  People who learn to use technology for efficiency, but still take time to engage and build rapport with people in a personal way are the ones who stand out and advance most successfully.  The more we rely on automated processes and artificial intelligence to do our marketing for us, the more people desire a personal relationship with their vendors and business partners.

We are interacting with a global, culturally diverse workplace, and skills in connecting and building trust are becoming the key factors that set apart the most successful people and companies.  Large and small organizations today are responding to scientific research which suggests human relationship skills are among the top skills to look for when hiring and promoting employees.  People who get promoted to leadership are the ones who can manage and influence people to achieve desired performance results.  They can navigate politics and manage conflict with direct, concise and consistent communication.  Successful leaders understand the importance of listening to people and communicating in an authentic and assertive way.  They take time to develop their skills in communication, including using technology and face-to-face interactions that show they care about individuals and not only a bottom line. 

Do you understand the psychology of human interactions and the value of communicating with people personally?  Work on improving your skills in rapport building, connecting on an emotional level, and developing trust in relationships.  How do you rate yourself on these skills today?

-Julie DeVito. :Connect with me here:  [email protected]

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