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What is your big goal?  What is the one goal that is most important to you--the one that you think about the most or feel most strongly about in your life? How will you feel if you do not achieve your goal within the next 12 months? 

Sometimes we can easily get side-tracked or procrastinate due to our own personal issues.  Sometimes we make excuses and blame others or circumstances. All of this is self-sabotaging and non-productive. 

Choose one goal to focus on for the next 40 days.  Declare it to be your one goal that you will focus on and commit to taking action on every day for 40 days.  Perhaps you have an income goal, or a number of appointments to set for business.  One of my clients is setting her goal to make 50 marketing phone calls every day.  Another is committing to exercise every day. 

Laser focus on one goal is a psychologically healthy technique for goal achievement. When you take small steps each day and begin to see your own small progress, this will be reinforcement and motivation to keep you going.

Break it down to the behaviors/activities that you must do daily to lead to your desired outcome.  It's usually pretty obvious what needs to be done daily, but our brains sometimes trip us up by over-analyzing or over-complicating the challenge. 

Whatever your goal, be it professional or personal, stop second-guessing yourself or making excuses for your lack of success.  You know the behaviors that are necessary and you know you have been avoiding doing those behaviors. Make a simple plan to commit every day to a specific activity that will contribute directly to your one BIG goal.  You must measure the behaviors/activities that you want to increase.  

If you have a habit of not following through on some behaviors, think about getting a partner for the next 40 days and making a commitment to communicate your completed actions with that person daily.  This is called taking responsibility and admitting that you need to build in some external accountability.  

Think about what you could accomplish if you stick to an action plan with laser focus.



Get moving forward today and get the support and practical help you need. We are here to help you be more successful.





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