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Sandler Sales Training

Are you  tired of low or inconsistent sales results?

One of the top reasons businesses fail, no matter the size or industry, is the inability to increase sales.  Traditionally, salespeople rely far too heavily on their product/service and personality to win sales and fail to recognize the importance of a structured selling methodology.  The fact is, your livelihood, and your organization’s growth and profitability, is dependent on your ability to consistently identify, qualify, and close business in your target markets.  

We are a Sandler Training Organization in Orange County, CA.  

Sandler Training is a global training organization of over 500 Sandler® trainers located in major cities throughout the United States
and more than 29 countries, with materials translated into 15 languages. For over forty years Sandler has helped sales
organizations, ranging from small- and mid-sized businesses to Fortune 1000 companies, improve the effectiveness and
efficiencies of their sales and management processes.

Sandler gives you a system with predictable, repeatable results.   

Whether you're just starting out, or you're a seasoned professional wanting to up your game...  Work smarter, not harder.  If you are a business owner, talk to us about a custom-designed  solution to increase your sales results. 

Learn how the Sandler Training system is a repeatable selling process that can help you grow your business.  

Experience today's top-performing sales programs in person or online.  We serve sales teams, business owners, and individuals in roles of leadership, business development, and sales management.  

We offer Sales Training Boot Camps and Sales Mastery training to yourself, one or more people on your team.   Ask us for details if you would like to learn more about sales and sales management training in Orange County or online 24/7.  

Online Reinforcement Training  Ask us about online 24/7 access to Sandler Training online. 

Sandler Certification  Get measurable results.  When you become Sandler-certified, you have access to measurable results at every step of the training process.  Your progress is documented from competent through proficient to sales mastery.

For small sales teams, prospecting can be a roller-coaster— one month you're up, the next you're down.  The ride isn't always fun.  The Sandler Selling System levels out the sales playing field, so you can depend on predictable results.  

Using social selling tools like LinkedIn can be a huge game changer for sales teams on a budget.  These tools can level the playing field, enabling salespeople to connect with prospects they pre-qualifiy by industry, company size or other key indicators.  The caveat is that if you don't have a system to clearly define what you're looking for and  a system you can replicate for what to do with it, this activity has the potential to become a black hole, consuming time that should be spent actually closing sales.

Predictable prospecting is not a myth. 

Not all sales cycles are the same, especially when it comes to company size and number of decision makers.   From small to medium-sized, large, and enterprise organizations, your job is to control the prospect to the close.

Classes are in our Orange County, CA office every Monday 3:00 - 5:00pm PT.  If you would like to crash a class to check it out, contact us.

Authorized Sandler Training Center 

1231 East Dyer Road, Suite 215, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Contact Julie to discuss sales training for you and your team. Get more information.

Get moving forward today and get the support and practical help you need. We are here to help you be more successful.





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