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The Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is a one-year program offered to individual leaders and to corporations as an in-house training program.  As specialists in learning and development, coaching, and training, we have designed The Academy to address the most critical leaderships challenges and skills necessary for you to develop in yourself and in your organization today.  The Academy helps leaders to improve their skills and advance their careers, and it helps businesses to grow faster by developing and retaining top talent. 

For corporate clients, we bring our expertise into your organization and become part of your team, designing and delivering the training courses and personalized coaching that your people desire and that will help you realize greater performance and profitability growth goals.  This is our specialty.  

During the one-year contract, our team of specialized and certified coaches and trainers will deliver eight full-day workshops within your organization, fully tailored for your people’s needs.  In addition, we will provide monthly and weekly individual, executive and performance coaching to employees whom you choose to include, or whom you choose to give the gift of personal developmental coaching. 

We suggest opening The Academy to your entire staff, and this decision will become part of our discussion with you in the upfront customization phase.  The Academy is fully customizable to meet your unique environment and specific challenges, which we will thoroughly learn from you and integrate as part of our consulting and design services. 

The advantage of bringing The Leadership Academy into an organization is that you have professional coaching expertise available on-call and ongoing to assist and support real-world business challenges. 

Your corporate coaches will be available to you, your executives, and to the employees with whom they are working, for scheduled and as-needed telephone and virtual meetings.  We are part of your team and work as business partners.  Coaching will be weekly and ongoing to reinforce and provide personal support.

The Academy includes monthly learning events and special workshops that employees may attend, some of which will be in-person and some of which will be via webinar or tele-conference.

Following is a partial list of leadership training topics and coaching focus areas of The Academy:

  • Managing multiple projects and priorities with confidence and consistency
  • Improving how you communicate and present yourself in one-on-one and group meetings
  • Sales training for every employee – Learning to have strategic and authentic sales conversations
  • Becoming a proactive, decisive and assertive leader who people respect and want to follow
  • Developing your leadership style and maximizing your strengths
  • Learning to communicate more effectively within diverse cultural and generational differences
  • Emotional Intelligence and understanding how to manage different personalities
  • Mindfulness and how it can contribute to your performance improvement and your health
  • Productivity and time management
  • Stress reduction

Use the form below and ask for a 90-minute meeting with us if you are interested in learning about The Leadership Academy.  

Get moving forward today and get the support and practical help you need. We are here to help you be more successful.





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