If you would like to speak with me about personal or professional development, please take a moment to email me or simply use the calendly link below to book a phone conversation.  I am happy to offer you 30 minutes of my time by phone as a complimentary consultation or to answer any questions about what I do and how I can help you. 

I provide a variety of career advancement services and personal counseling services, and I also provide training and consulting services to organizations.  Realization Partners is my company, and I partner with other professionals and specialists to deliver the best services to my clients. 

The people I help are seeking to grow in their personal and professional lives, and they believe that all people can improve and continue to realize greater potentials.  Whether you are interested in personal growth or professional development, I would like to talk with you about your goals.  

Reach out to me and schedule some time to talk. 

To Your Best,

Julie DeVito, MA, CPC

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  • "Julie provided expert career coaching to me during an extremely stressful time at work when I needed help to improve myself as a leader. I had recently been promoted to a position in a global market and was working under a demanding boss and demanding schedule.

    Julie was the one who got me through the toughest days. I called her before big meetings to get her input and encouragement, and we spent our valuable session time to discuss my challenges and make strategic plans for how I want to move ahead in my career."
    Monique Leblanc
  • "During Julie’s partnership with a global client of HRBC, she helped us deliver several tasks and activities. Our client is based in Paris and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    Julie not only coached HRBC on these activities but also coached our client and my team on how to handle the steps to build our success moving forward. Having Julie with us on the project helped us to look at the project from the outside and create the path to future accomplishments. Thanks, Julie!!

    Looking forward to the next project with you and your firm"
    David Velasquez, CEO, HRBC
  • "Julie is very skilled at what she does, and she helped me find my courage to face a tough situation. With her expert business coaching and personal support, I broke through a major barrier in my business and hit record revenue goals during the first year of working together.

    Julie brings to the table a lot of business savvy and experience leading people.

    She taught me strategies to cope with the stress of being CEO, Mom, Wife, and Seriously-Driven-Difference-Maker."
    Tricia Wright
  • "Julie is gifted in personal coaching and advising. I have worked with her as my personal coach for two years, and I do not plan on giving her up anytime soon.

    She continually pushes me to be my best and to keep getting better. I call her for telephone sessions whenever I need to talk through a problem or a relationship issue."
    Jennifer Morrissey
  • "Julie is my life coach, and we she has helped me through some of the most difficult times and circumstances of my life.

    I found her online, and she helped me to start making changes that I needed to make in my business and in my relationships.

    With Julie’s help, I overcame a lot of personal challenges, and I still work with her to keep me focused and growing."
    Courtney Gasser
  • "I found Julie through Noomii.com and hired her for relationship coaching. I wanted dating advice and coaching from a woman’s perspective.

    I live in another state, so Julie coaches me by phone and Skype video calls.  She has helped me get past the struggle and actually enjoy dating again.

    I am much more self-confident thanks to Julie."
    Andy Ramirez
  • "Julie is an amazing coach and consultant! I worked with Julie during a difficult transition period in my life trying to juggle the demands of running my own business.

    She helped me create the actions and harness the beliefs that led to both personal and professional success that year. For anyone who is aiming to take their career or personal life to the next level, I would highly recommend you meet with Julie to discuss your situation and discover the impact she can make in your life."
    Gregg Cowan


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